An extreme engineering challenge at 3.500 mt, between the eternal ice of Mont Blanc. Skyway is immersed in a breathtaking landscape thanks to the 360° rotating cabins and three futuristic stations with restaurants, bars and entertainment services.

The Workshop room is a 150 seat auditorium, completely equipped for screenings, conferences and simultaneous translation, in a spectacular location. Every type of facility is available, as it is connected directly to the restaurant area.

The venue is also home of the Bellevue restaurant. With 2 halls respectively of 100 and 50 places, it directly faces Val Veny and has a fantastic panoramic view of Mont Blanc.

Note: participants should be aware that since Courmayeur is located at 1300 m a.s.l  (4270 ft) and the conference facility is at  2200m a.s.l (7220 ft), participation to the conference will require daily changes of altitude of approximately 900 m (3000 ft) .  In addition, the optional journey to Punta Helbronner  at 3466m (11380 ft) will provide an even more extreme change in altitude.
People with certain medical conditions need to take special precautions when traveling at high altitudes, and they should discuss their travel plans with their healthcare providers.

Excursion: Punta Helbronner

A 360° view on the roof of Europe, it is the ideal place to embrace the immense blue and white of the eternal glaciers. The 14m (45ft ) diameter terrace offers a view you can not find anywhere else.
The 4000m peaks of the Western Alps are only a few metres away, time seems to stop, and the desire never to leave the immensity offered by this panorama is strong.

Skywow is not a just a simple view over the Giant of Europe, but a unique view within two meters and a half. It gives you the extraordinary sensation of hovering into the void while you gaze upon the breathtaking Mont Blanc panorama, with its rocks and its everlasting glaciers.